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oliver-crop-face.jpgOliver was a rescue with a broken tail and an under-bite.  He was found so emaciated and weak in the middle of the road that he was thought to be dead.  A local vet treated his hunger, thirst, mange, fleas and ticks, and turned him over to the care of loving pet owners who already had a houseful.  A note on the bulletin board at work found me, and after meeting him, I fell in love and brought him home. 

He was afraid of loud noises, boxes, and men, and had a perpetual growl that put people on their guard.  It took a lot of love, and a lot of patience... but after a while Oliver started to trust again.  He melted into the snuggliest little boy, always greeting us at the door with a toy and becoming inseparable with his labrador sister.

After a long and happy life, we carefully helped Oliver cross the rainbow bridge with all the love in our hearts.

We wanted to remember him forward, and to somehow share that love-trust-comfort-feeling that comes so naturally with dogs who are treated with love.  So, Oliver's Collar Dog Treat Bakery was conceived.  

As our packaging states, we bake our treats with wholesome ingredients, leaving out the bad stuff and anything we can't pronounce.  That means you'll find carrots, sweet potatoes, molasses, and all the other yummy things you would expect from your own kitchen.

Try some, and let us know your favorites.  I think Oliver would have loved them all!  : )